Remember Those Humpbacks?

Well, here are the photos that I promised! Finally. It’s hard to believe that this happened just a month ago, since so much has happened since then. In any case, I hope you enjoy the pics.

~ Michelle

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  1. Hi you two,

    Just found your email from about a year ago and came to the humpback pics…awesome. I’m off to the Antarctic tomorrow and look forward to getting your future entries. Wishing you a rich and wonderful Holiday season and smooth sailing. Youse are an inspiration!

  2. WOW!!! Talk about close encounters with Big Mouths…wonderful images, and I bet you were excited! Welcome back to the grey on grey with shades of dark green…will send you some images from my Thanksgiving at Skalitude soon…a great year to be thankful! So happy I am watching your journey…makes me miss you both less, and celebrate more your adventures…big hugs going your way, your sharona

  3. *Great* pictures. Carol said “Close. TOO close.”

  4. Finally discovered your pictures and journal…thoroughly enjoying the journey with you. What a wonderful blessing for you two. Great decision to take this opportunity. CHEERS to you!

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